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Young Darnell Rabren is lost and confused in Mississippi, and he and his friend, Judson Walker, are on an epic quest to discover the meaning of life. Darnell knows a lot, but there’s a lot he doesn’t know, and his misadventures with Judson across the swampy South will leave you as delighted, bewildered, and incredulous as Darnell himself.

Their friendship will be tested and their senses of self strengthened as they visit friends, do odd jobs, entertain visions, and recite poetry. Ultimately, a questionably executed voyage down the river will test them in ways they never thought possible, and they are forced to confront not only the truth about themselves but about the world around them in this rollicking adventure epic.

JOHN CALVIN HUGHES has published in numerous magazines and journals, including Dead Mule, Southern Indiana Review, and Mississippi Review. His publications include a critical study, The Novels and Short Stories of Frederick Barthelme; a poetry chapbook, The Shape of Our Luck; two novels, Twilight of the Lesser Gods and Killing Rush; and a full-length poetry collection, Music from a Farther Room. His newest poetry chapbook, Cul- de-sac Agonistes, was published in 2017. He lives and works in Florida.