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Meet Gladys!

“Her scales weren’t red like the dragons of China
But old gravy gray-green, a color that’s kinda’
Like lima beans plooped fresh right out of a can,
Swimming shiny and cool on your plate or your hand.”

But Gladys (and her parents) have a problem. She won’t go to sleep!

“I do not like bedtime! Not even an ounce!
I will not set claw on my bed but to bounce!”

Join Gladys and her patient parents as they wrangle over the dragon bedtime routine . . . and maybe learn a trick or two yourself along the way.

BEN UTTER is Serena and Thomas’s dad and Brandy’s husband. After living and teaching in China, he earned a PhD in English with a minor in medieval studies from the University of Minnesota. Dragons, sad to say, feature prominently in neither of these endeavors, though he continues to keep a hopeful eye out for any who might be lurking in the shrubbery (or sleeping in class) at Ouachita Baptist University, where he is an assistant professor of English.