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The Story of Bowen

At Bowen Press, we love books and the people who write them.

Life is a story. And how we relay, produce, and share that story counts. Bowen Press makes good literature beautiful and accessible. And readers see the difference that our individualized attention makes.

We offer small-town craft for your big ideas.

Bowen started as a small independent press driven by the love of exceptional stories and high-quality artistry. Our mission is to provide expert service to proven and promising writers. We make ideas blossom in print through our unique dedication to the power of the written word in the digital age.

Bowen’s founder, Robert Hand, an editor and designer with fifteen years of experience in the publishing industry, has built Bowen by partnering with talented writers who appreciate the personalized attention only a small press can provide. Writers choose Bowen because they know their book will be expertly edited, meticulously designed, and talked about far and wide.

Bowen’s books are as beautiful, admired, and unique as the stories they tell.

About Bowen’s Founder

Robert Hand founded Bowen Press because he loves the experience of reading a good story. Robert makes sure that all Bowen authors receive the professional editorial craft, attention to design, and practical expertise of a large publishing company, all with the personalized touch of a local artisan. He began Bowen through word of mouth, and has since expanded the press to include the works of fiction writers, poets, and children’s book authors from all over the United States.

Robert, a life-long lover of books, believes strongly in the life of the mind and the unique medium of the printed word. An avid outdoorsman, Robert thrives on a good adventure—especially the kind that makes for a great story. When not busy teaching, writing, and working through manuscripts, he can often be found enjoying good barbeque with even better friends in his home region of Texas and northwest Louisiana.

Our Recent Books

The Lost Gospel of Darnell Rabren

John Calvin Hughes

Available Fall 2018 Young Darnell Rabren is lost and confused in Mississippi, and he and his friend, Judson, are on an epic quest to discover the meaning of life. Darnell knows a lot, but there’s a lot he doesn’t know, and his misadventures with Judson across the swampy south will leave you as delighted, bewildered, […]

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Delirium: Poems

Coty Poynter

In this carefully curated collection of original poems, Coty Poynter explores the experience of absence, disappearance, and loss. The people around us possess great power over us, and Delirium addresses that phenomenon with empathy and beauty. In this labyrinthine fever dream of stages on life’s way, there is always more than meets the eye. Insomnia, […]

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The Sharks of Al Jubail and Other Stories

John Gifford

Featuring “Walleyed,” a Pushcart Prize nominee The nine stories in The Sharks of Al Jubail celebrate the resilience of the human spirit and explore the value of freedom and the meaning of identity. In “What Money Won’t Buy,” a college dropout comes to understand the significance of his own name, and the protagonist in “Something […]

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I’m Just Saying: A Book of Poetry

Aaron Dunn

In I’m Just Saying, his first book of poems, verbal artist Aaron Dunn explores the potential of our shared use of language. His work often suggests multiple meanings through first-person reflection on events, memories, and personal struggle. Through these honest, empathetic, challenging, and interactive poems, he seeks to inspire us all to discover meaning in the […]

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Gladys the Grayish-Green Dragon

Ben Utter / Illustrated by Hannah Lloyd Rosell

Meet Gladys! “Her scales weren’t red like the dragons of China But old gravy gray-green, a color that’s kinda’ Like lima beans plooped fresh right out of a can, Swimming shiny and cool on your plate or your hand.” But Gladys (and her parents) have a problem. She won’t go to sleep! “I do not […]

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The White Nights: Pages from a Russian Doctor’s Notebook

Boris Sokoloff and Ian Ona Johnson

Boris Sokoloff, a doctor in Russia during the tumultuous years of the Russian Revolution and a survivor of the infamous Butyrki prison, has a remarkable story to tell. During his fascinating life he encountered nearly every major political and cultural figure in Russia between 1917 and 1920 and was an eyewitness of or participant in […]

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American Absurd: A Work of Fiction

Pierre Schlag

Mr. David Madden lives in L.A. He’s an ordinary man. Every day, he gets up and drives to work. Only he never gets there. Instead, he drives from here to there, from Westwood to Santa Monica, Santa Monica to Venice . . . and so on. It seems he’s always just going from point A […]

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How do I become a Bowen author?

If you have a good story to tell and a manuscript in progress, let us know about it by filling out our submissions form.

How does Bowen decide what to publish?

We take each submission seriously, and our editorial board assesses each project’s prospect for quality on an individual basis. Read more about our team here.

How long does it take to publish a book?

We aim for a six-month production schedule, although every project is different. If you would like to discuss how long it might take to produce your book, please drop us a line!

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